Enabler of sustainable changes


Nordic Process Improvement was established in 2010 in an atmosphere of major euphoria and high self-esteem – and we believed it was all well-grounded: we had unparalleled experience of strategic and operative development. And that’s what we want to continue doing, to renew working life and how organizations learn and evolve in a sustainable manner.

Of course we have made mistakes. We dared to make them, and we got the flak for it – in most cases when we have made a company’s top management sweat. We are ready to keep turning the other cheek, because without guts there will be no sustainable results. And we all know how all-important the top management’s commitment and input are in dynamic business development.

Because they are the ones to formulate scenarios in continuously changing conditions, many times in seemingly impossible situations, and who have to be nimble in renewing and developing working methods and processes to stand up to the demands of the competitive environment. And we want to help there, too, even if it means getting red faces. And all in all, we are proud of our track record, the customer feedback we have received over the years. As well as the considerable benefits and financial savings our customers have achieved. You could call that having a reputation.

Mika Koivisto ja Risto Lintula

Ensuring competitiveness in the long run requires both guts and stamina. And remembering that nobody is empowered alone but that the revolution is done together.  Only systemic and systematic development enable both short- and long-term changes and introducing them in a sustainable manner into a company’s business.

That is why our customer experience investment at NPI is in an attentive ear and a big heart. And we believe our customers want to do the same, give their own customers the sort of promises that they can keep. It’s great to work with such dedicated and talented people.