With our extensive experience, we can select the methods that best suit each need

Our toolbox includes hundreds of development techniques

Our way of working ensures permanent change

Developing a company's business is a prerequisite for survival. If the company does not develop, competitors will take over. All company leaders share the same concern: how can we act smarter, eliminate waste, reduce overlap, and develop more efficient ways of working so that our employees enjoy their job and our customers are satisfied.

We support P&L-managers and process owners in managing change. The development need may relate to a single value chain, a whole unit, or a broader business. We offer a Coaching service, where we share and train management methods, Operational Excellence (OPEX) development, and the use of Lean Six Sigma -methods.

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We have helped companies in

  • evaluating their management systems
  • developing organizational structures
  • implementing new management methods
  • organizing continuous improvement
  • creating operational manuals or playbooks
  • building Lean Maturity models
  • implementing Lean thinking
  • adopting Lean methods

We always aim for sustainable change

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Permanent and sustainable development requires renewal of the company's management methods.

We assist managers with P&L responsibility and key personnel in selecting how the management structures and managerial behavior should be transformed. We deliver the fundaments to coach the entire organization about change and its implementation.

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We choose the most suitable methods from our extensive toolbox

Depending on the need, use of Operational Excellence and Lean methods together with a Maturity model may be the best option to solve the situation. Sometimes, sharpening goals with Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment provides the most comprehensive way to direct the company's development activities.

Our toolbox includes hundreds of different techniques. Our long experience allows us to combine and adapt the best methods to fit each customer's needs.

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